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An open cardboard box, ready for packing
I am certain that when the class of ’20 returns for its 50th reunion in 2070, the memory of their final week on campus will be as vivid to them then as it is today. The last five days on campus have been simultaneously completely heartwrenching and utterly heartwarming.More
Maheen Akram ’20 holds a red rose during faux-mencement.
On March 14, the class of 2020 held an “unofficial senior ceremony,” AKA “fauxmencment,” featuring flowers, speeches, tears, and laughter.More
Illustration of a woman touching a glowing screen that is projected onto a starry night sky
Assisted by Library and Technology Services staff, faculty redesigned syllabi, learned Zoom, and prepared for a new kind of intellectual engagement in class. They moved online with alacrity: Professor of English Frank Bidart, who before the COVID-19 crisis didn’t even use email, began teaching via Zoom.More
An illustration of Rebecca Darling
Rebecca Darling shows students and professors how to tap into technology to make class assignments more dynamic and, in the process, more accessible and inclusive for students with a wide variety of learning styles, language backgrounds, and disabilities.More
The cover of The Escape Artist displays an out-of-focus photo of a young girl leaping through a grassy field.
Writing memoir is a messy business, and no one knows this better than Helen Fremont ’78. Fremont’s book The Escape Artist serves as a sequel of sorts to her memoir After Long Silence , published in 1999.More
The cover image of Hell and Other Destinations is a close-in, black-and-white head shot of Secretary Albright
Madeleine Korbel Albright ’59, who has lived a life of global scope at warp speed. Hell and Other Destinations: A 21st-Century Memoir covers her life after the U.S. State Department, where she served as secretary of state from 1997 to 2001.More
The cover of
Refelcting on her career, poet Ellen Jaffe ’66 says part of a writer’s job is to “experience uncertainties and difficulties (personal and in the wider world) and then find words and images to write about them with empathy and precision.”More
Kathryn Harvey Mackintosh ’03
In fall 2020, Wellesley will launch a survey that will help us learn more about our alumnae. With a strong response rate, it should move us in a direction that will help us better know and serve our alumnae population.More
An audience gathered in the College Club for an Authors on Stage event.
Since the Authors on Stage program began in 1981, 249 presenting authors—biographers, memoirists, cookbook gurus, essayists, journalists, novelists, and poets—have discussed the genesis of their work while engaging in repartee with audience members.More
In what turned out to be a very prescient move for the months ahead, the class of ’88 sponsored a virtual Valentine’s Day tea on Zoom, proving that the online platform is great for class,…More
Close-up shot of a feather
As a physician, I work in a world where tragedy is not only commonplace, but even expected. I’ve also seen how over time, anticipating tragedy becomes a protective mechanism. But hardening ourselves against heartbreak can sometimes close us off to the joy of an improbable result.More